How to Look at SD-WAN - Avoid the Hype

Ovum will be sharing WAN trends, customer demand dynamics and customers’ needs that are driving Hybrid WAN demand. Then, learn what has led these new hybrid WAN services to expand to SD WAN implementations and deployments. 
Heard that all before? Have you heard that…
MetTel’s unique offering goes beyond the hype, taking an angle that covers you as a managed service and saving you money with your carrier services far past your Hybrid or SD-WAN solution alone. We can also enable you to more efficiently connect to the cloud.
Join Ovum and MetTel to explore how to look at your SD-WAN planning.

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How to Look at SD-WAN - Avoid the Hype

Wednesday, March 1
2:00 - 2:45pm ET

Mike Sapien
Principle Analyst

Gary Gluzman
Exec Director, Product